Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edmund Lily Hill

 Edmund Lily Hill - 19 May 1882-19 March 1957 - was born in Anson County, North Carolina, the son of James Pleasant Hill and Sarah Emmaline Parker. He was the seventh of eleven children. His wife, Mary Ellen Ruth Thomas, was the daughter of John Ashley Turner and Elizabeth Ann Curlee. At the age of 26, according to the 1910 Federal Census he had moved to Big Lick, Stanly, NC.

According to the 1920 Federal Census, Edmund Lily Hill was a farmer and lived in New Salem, Stanly, NC. He and Ella had eight children:

1. Cora Bell Hill: 1907-1979, spouse unknown
2. Ruth Hill: born 1909, married Turner Preslar
3. Clifford Pleasant Hill: 1910-1999, married Esca Gaddy
4. Myrtle Hill: born 1913, married William T Carpenter
5. Blanche Estelle Hill: 1915-2004, married Pearl Franklin Taylor
6. Winifred Hoyle Hill:  1916-1992, spouse unknown
7. Marshall Kemp Hill: 1918-2003, spouse unknown
8. Clara Elizabeth Hill: 1924-1994, married Billy Eugene Prather

Edmund Lily died "at his home in the Union Grove Baptist Church Community" on 19 March 1957. He was survived by his wife, Mary Ellen Ruth Thomas Hill, eight children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was buried at Rocky Mount Baptist Church in Anson County North Carolina.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Stokes McIntyre & Elizabeth Murray

Lonnie Clinton Hill Sr


Fred Columbus Hill

Monday, February 4, 2013

William Nicholas Parker

William Nicholas Parker was the eldest child of William Wiley Parker and Annis(Annice) Broadaway. He was born 26 April 1820 in Anson County NC and died 20 May 1899 in Anson County NC. William Nicholas is buried in the William Nicholas Parker Graveyard located on Richardson Creek in Anson County near the Union County line.

William Nicholas Parker married Dianna Penelope Burns, 26 April 1828-22 June 1899, daughter of Walter Pharr(Farr,Far) Burns and Sarah White Lilly.

Their children were:
1. John Benton Parker: 20 Feb 1845-31 Oct 1929, married (1) Susan Caroline Curlee and (2) Mary Caroline Brooks
2. Isaac Wiley Parker: 30 Dec 1846-20 Aug 1921, married Mary C Nance
3. Sarah Emeline Parker: 7 Nov 1848-12 Mar 1930, married James Pleasant Hill
4.Elizabeth Frances Parker: 28 Aug 1850-29 May 1924, spouse unknown at this time
5. Walter Lilly Parker: 12 Jul 1852-30 Jan 1936, married Jemima Jane Staton
6. William Henry Parker: 5 Oct 1855-24 Nov 1934, married Harriet Frances Davis
7. Margaret E Parker: 24 Oct 1856-30 Jun 1941, married George W Brewer
8. James A Parker: 15 Jan 1859-28 Apr 1935, never married
9. Myrick Thomas (Tom) Parker: 14 Dec 1866-21 Aug 1948, married Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Curlee
10. Jesse Atlas Parker: 14 Dec 1870-17 Apr 1952, married Fannie Curlee

William Nicholas Parker was a farmer and owned a tan yard, a brick yard, and several grist mills. Millstones for a grist mill on Richardson Creek were transported from the port of Charleston SC. During the Civil War, shoes were manufactured on the plantation for use by the Confederacy.

In addition to the mill on Richardson Creek, William Nicholas owned mills on Rocky River; one was on land called the Parker Mills Tract. He was one of several who invested in the Reed Gold Mine in Cabarrus County, formerly part of colonial Anson County.

Source of some of the above: Parkers of Anson County North Carolina with Burnses and Curlees  Helen Parker Kelman