Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edmund Lily Hill

 Edmund Lily Hill - 19 May 1882-19 March 1957 - was born in Anson County, North Carolina, the son of James Pleasant Hill and Sarah Emmaline Parker. He was the seventh of eleven children. His wife, Mary Ellen Ruth Thomas, was the daughter of John Ashley Turner and Elizabeth Ann Curlee. At the age of 26, according to the 1910 Federal Census he had moved to Big Lick, Stanly, NC.

According to the 1920 Federal Census, Edmund Lily Hill was a farmer and lived in New Salem, Stanly, NC. He and Ella had eight children:

1. Cora Bell Hill: 1907-1979, spouse unknown
2. Ruth Hill: born 1909, married Turner Preslar
3. Clifford Pleasant Hill: 1910-1999, married Esca Gaddy
4. Myrtle Hill: born 1913, married William T Carpenter
5. Blanche Estelle Hill: 1915-2004, married Pearl Franklin Taylor
6. Winifred Hoyle Hill:  1916-1992, spouse unknown
7. Marshall Kemp Hill: 1918-2003, spouse unknown
8. Clara Elizabeth Hill: 1924-1994, married Billy Eugene Prather

Edmund Lily died "at his home in the Union Grove Baptist Church Community" on 19 March 1957. He was survived by his wife, Mary Ellen Ruth Thomas Hill, eight children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was buried at Rocky Mount Baptist Church in Anson County North Carolina.
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  1. Clara Elizabeth Hill married to another man name Robert Lee Hatfield.

    1. Was Robert Lee Hatfield a second husband?

    2. Yes and Winifred Hoyle Hill and Marshall Kemp Hill married Sisters.

      Marshall Kemp Hill married to Lexie Little daughter of Silas Judson Little and Ollie Meggs
      Winifred Hoyle Hill married to Bessie "Jewell" Little. daughter of Silas Judson Little and Ollie Meggs

      John Ashley Thomas and Elizabeth Curlee had another son named John Ashley Thomas Jr. Wattie Hill's Phigenia sister married Samuel Paul Thomas or Lucy Lenora Broadaway. If you ever find a picture of her. I would be very thankful. I got a picture of Enoch Millard Thomas's wife and Jonah Lee Thomas and James Henry Thomas and his wife Lillie Kendall. My grandmothers picture would be a find.

    3. Thank you for the information Timothy. Some of the Hill clan is hard to research. I don't think many of them left writings or pictures. Maybe we could get together online and discuss the line.