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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #5–Death Comes Unexpectedly

Denley(Denly) Gaston Wilson, son of Hezekiah Isaiah Wilson and Annie Dora Cooper, was born 16 May 1900, the eldest of six children. He was a farmer and was married to Nannie Wilson. They were the parents of four children: James Denley, Pauline, Sarah and another unknown to me.

Denley led an uneventful life until one early April morning. He was traveling with Ernest Addison and Hannibal Moore at 3:30 AM on the Sumter road. It is a mystery why the three men were on the road so early in the morning. Whatever they were doing, Denley was to meet his Maker soon.

The car was traveling at a speed of 70 miles per hour and failed to make a curve. The car ran down an embankment and Denley was thrown from the car. He was rushed to the hospital where his injuries were deemed to be minor and he was sent home. Neither Ernest Addison nor Hannibal Moore were seriously injured and went home.

At about 9:00 AM the next morning Denley died unexpectedly. The doctors at the hospital misdiagnosed the severity of his injuries and it is thought he had sustained a broken neck.

Denley Gaston Wilson died 10 April 1932 at his home on Leesburg Road in Richland County South Carolina. He was buried the next day at Shady Grove Baptist Church.



Thrown From Car
D.Wilson Dies

Death Comes Unexpectedly After Accident

Denly Wilson, 35-year-old farmer, who was injured when thrown from an automobile on the Sumter road 20 miles from Columbia at 3:30 yesterday morning, died at 9 o’clock at his home on the Leesburg road 21 miles from Columbia.

Coroner W. A. McCain investigated the accident and announced that an inquest would be held at Eastover at a time yet to be determined. His investigation showed, he said, that Ernest Addison and Hannibal Moore were thrown from the car, but neither were thought to be badly injured.

The accident occurred when the automobile failed to turn the curve, jumped down a small embankment, and ran nearly 100 yards away from the roadbed.

Wilson was rushed to a Columbia hospital, but his injuries were not thought to be of a serious nature and he was returned home, where he died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Besides Coroner McCain, Deputy Sheriffs Wade H Rawlinson and Arthur Price, F. E. Fraylick, constable for Magistrate Chalk of Eastover, and Tee Hutto, lieutenant of the state highway patrol, investigated the accident.

Mr. Wilson is survived by his widow, four children, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Wilson, and a number of other relatives.

Funeral services will be held at 11 o’clock this morning at Shady Grove Baptist Church with the Rev. Mr. Ellison in charge.

Source: The State newspaper, Columbia SC, 11 April 1932, page 7, column 6.



1. Place of Death
County of Richland   Registration District #3806
                    (No. 18 miles Leesburg Road
2. Full Name Denly Wilson
3. Sex Male
4. Color or Race White
5. Single, married, widowed or divorced married
5a. If married, widowed or divorced
   Husband of(or) wife of
6. Date of birth
7. Age: Years 33 Months   Days
8. Trade or profession or particular kind of work done Farmer
9. Industry or business in which work was done
10. Date deceased last worked at this occupation
11. Total time (years) spent in this occupation
12. Birthplace: (city or town)
    (state or country) S. C.

Father 13. Name I. C. Wilson
       14. Birthplace (city or town)
              (state or country) S.  C.
Mother 15. Maiden Name Annie Sloan
       16. Birthplace (city or town)
              (state or country) S. C.
17. Informant Mrs. Denly Wilson
     (address) Leesburg Road
18. Burial, cremation, or removal
    Place Shady Grove Cemetery Date Apr 11, 1932
19. Undertaker Family acting
    Address 18 miles on Leesburg Rd.
20. Filed     19__   (Registrar’s Signature)
21. Date or death (month, day, year) Apr 10, 1932
22. I hereby certify that I attended deceased from ________,19__, to _______, 19__. I last saw h__ alive on ________, 19__, death is said to have occurred on the date stated above at 9 am.
The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset were as follows:
Neck broken in automobile accident. Fell from car on Columbia-Sumter Highways. Speed 70 miles per hour.
23.If death occurred to external causes (violence), fill in also the following:
Accident, suicide or homicide yes Date of injury 4/10, 1932.
Where did injury occur? Columbia-Sumter Highway
Manner of injury Fell from auto while in motion
Nature of injury Broken neck
24. Was the injury related to the occupation of the deceased? No
(Signed) J M Hook M. D.
(Address) Eastover, S. C.


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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #4–Death of a Preacher Man

Luther William Wilson was the sixth son and the eighth of thirteen children of Rev Thomas H Wilson and Elizabeth “Betsy” Gulledge. He was born in Richland County SC 11 August 1868. He married Mary L Medlin daughter of David Hilliard Medlin and Caroline Strickland.
He assumed pastorate of Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church after his father died and was also preaching at the Chain Gang on Chain Gang Road in Eastover SC. 

image                  image 
This is the entire article that was in The State newspaper on 10 June 1940. The article appeared on pages 1 and 8.

 image Excerpt from page 1 of above article


Dash Occurs During Sunday Camp Service

The Rev. Luke Wilson is Accidental Victim; One Prisoner Makes Escape

A 72-year-old white preacher and a Negro prisoner died yesterday as the result of gunshot wounds received when four convicts made a break for freedom from Harmon’s chain gang camp near Eastover during Sunday services.
The dead minister is the Rev Luke W. Wilson, Route 2, Eastover, who was accidentally killed when two shotgun loads lodged in his abdomen during a scuffle between three Negro prisoners and the sole guard on duty in the shack where the services were being held.

               imageExcerpt from page 2 of newspaper article


Mr. Wilson was born in Richland county, the son of Elizabeth Gulledge and Thomas Wilson.
He had been pastor of Oak Grove Baptist church for the last 25 years and for the last five years had been preaching at the chaingang camp.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Medlin Wilson; three daughters, Mrs. Martha Craft, Mrs. Bessie Drawdy and Mrs. Bernice Anderson, six sons, Jesse Wilson, Luther Wilson, Alonzo Wilson, Walter Wilson, Thomas Wilson and Arnor Wilson; 50 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; one sister, Mrs. Dosia Haithcock; three brothers, I. C. Wilson, Elijah Wilson and R. W. Wilson.
Funeral services will be conducted from Oak Grove Baptist church at 4:30 this afternoon by the Rev. Thomas Shannon. Interment will be in the churchyard.
Pallbearers: Active, Charlie W. Medlin, Ernest Medlin, Roy Medlin, Thomas Wilson, Louis Wilson, James Haithcock; honorary, Bob Davis, Clifford Torrance, John Corder, Bill McCain, Lawrence Harmon and T. Alex Heise.

Source: Paper: State, published as The State; Date: 06-10-1940; Page: 1; Location: Columbia, South Carolina
(article continues on page 8 of same edition)

S. C. Death Certificate dated 9 June 1940

Luther W & Mary E Wilson
 Luther W. Wilson – 11 Aug 1868-9 June 1940
Oak Grove Baptist Church
Eastover SC

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Southward Bound

For a change of scenery I am taking my family to South Carolina – Richland County, to be specific. Most of my maternal ancestors were born, lived, and died in Richland County. It should be an easy task to round them all up and get their stats….but some of them are difficult. Take my great grandfather, for instance. Oh, I know a lot about him after he was born; but, who are his parents?! There is speculation, of course, from many people who are researching him, but no concrete records so far.

This mystery man is Rev Thomas H Wilson, my mother’s grandfather and my great grandfather. As far as I know, Thomas was born in South Carolina 8 October 1820 and died in Richland County SC 17 May 1909. All of the censuses I have checked state he was born in South Carolina.

1880 Census: Self Thomas Wilson M 60 South Carolina, United States (birthplace)
1900 Census: Head Thomas Wilson M 78 South Carolina (birthplace)

So I am pretty sure he was born in South Carolina.

He married Elizabeth “Betsy” Gulledge (some say Phillips) and together they had 13 children, of whom, my grandfather, Elisha Alexander Wilson was the youngest. Thomas bought a large tract of land on or near Colonel’s Creek in Lower Richland county. He raised all his children there and bit by bit divided his land up amongst them. All of them were engaged in farming.

Thomas was a Christian man who needed a place for his family to worship. He founded Oak Grove Free Will Baptist church, a quaint white wooden structure, which is located on Congress Road just off of Hwy 76/378. Many of his sons and daughters and their families and their families’ families are buried in the graveyard at the church.

DSC05193 Oak Grove Baptist Church

WPA Survey of State and Local Historical Records: 1936
Dated: 11/30/37
Worker: Anna L Sinkler
State: South Carolina

1. County Richland     City or Town   Wilson Mill
2. Name of Church  Oak Grove   Street Address  None
3. Denomination Original Free Will  Date Organized About 1897
4. Date of lapse, if now defunct No Lapse
5. Information as to previous building 
No Previous Building 

6. Date present building dedicated or consecrated 1897 (“consecrated” struck through) Rebuilt 1897 (“Re” struck through)
7. Architecture, bells, inscriptions, special features of building
Small rectangular frame building painted white 30’x20’, no porch or belfry, a cross on the gate 

8. First settled clergyman Rev Thomas Wilson Tenure 1897-1910
Educational background Grammar school Richland County 
9. Minute books 1930—1 volume custodian Rev I W Wilson, Eastover 
10. Register books of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, members, deaths 
 In the minutes, members, deaths, discipline
present membership charter members

Handwritten entries underlined


Transcription of typed document:

Oak Grove-Free Will Baptist in Richland Co. near Wilson’s Mill on country road: W of Hwy #26 – 2 M. Organized 1888 on a 3 acre prot given by Rev Thomas B Wilson. A bush arbor preceded it for some time.
Ch. is a frame bldg 20’x30’, with cross on the gable (“l” struck through), rough inside, home-made seats, seats 150, painted white, no bell or belfry or special features, cemetery near. Value of all property $1,000.00, Charter members 20. First pastor T H Wilson – tenure 1888-1918, education unknown. Present membership 37. Present pastor L W Wilson education fair, Eastover. Old records extinct. Possibly in conference books at Florence may be found scanty records.
Rev L W Wilson,  local pastor has records from 1930-38. Eastover, S C
There is no ch Clk.

Source: USC Libraries - Inventory of S C Church Archives

Military Service

Name: Thomas Wilson
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: South Carolina
Service Record: Enlisted as a Sergeant.
Enlisted in Company D, 7th Battn Infantry Regiment South Carolina.
Sources: 425

Source:Historical Data Systems, comp.. American Civil War Soldiers [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Rev Thomas H Wilson Will

In the Name of God Amen!

1. I Thomas H Wilson of the county of Richland 
2. and state of South Carolina, being of sound
3. mind and disposing memory, and being 
4. mindful of the uncertainty of human life, do hereby
5. make ordain and declare this my last will
6. and testament, hereby revoking any former
7. will by me made. That after my deceased
8. my estate may be settled without strife. I hereby 
9. direct: that my debts and funeral expenses
10. be paid by my executor hereinafter named as
11. soon as practicable.
12. I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth
13. Wilson all personal property of which I may
14. die possessed, for her benefit, use and enjoyment
15. and subject to her disposal during her lifetime.
16. Should any of said personal property remain at
17. the death of my said wife Elizabeth Wilson, I
18. direct that my executors hereinafter named, so
19. soon as possible after her decease, shall such
20. personal property cause to be duly appraised
21. shall sell the same and divide the proceeds of
22. said sale share and share alike between my
23. sons, Roach W Wilson and Elisha A Wilson,
24 and my daughters Pensacola Haithcock and
25. Theodosia Haithcock.
26. I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint
27. my sons Roach W Wilson and Elish A Wilson
28. to be exors of my last will and testament.
29. In witness whereof I have to this my last will and
30. testament placed my hand and seal this sixteenth
31. day of April A D 1906
32. Thomas H Wilson  LS
33.Signed sealed and declared
34. by the said Thomas H Wilson as
35. and for his last will & testament
36. in the presence of us, who at his
37. request and in his presents and in
38. presence of each other have subscribed our names as
39. witnesses thereto     R L Henry
40. Willie Drawdery
41. Jesse H Taylor



1. In the Court of Probate
2. The will of Thomas H Wilson deceased was
3. this 22nd day of May admitted to probate in
4. common form
5. Witness my hand and seal this 22nd day of May
6. A D 1909    John T Gaston JPRC
7. State South Carolina
8. County of Richland
9. By John T Gaston Probate Judge for said county
10. personally appears R L Henry who being
11. duly sound says: that he saw Thos H Wilson sign seal
12. publish and declare the annexed instrument of writing
13. bearing the day 16th day of April A D 1906 to be and
14. contain the last will and testament and that the said
15. Thos H Wilson was then of sound and disposing mind
16. memory and understanding according to the best of
17. deposents knowledge and belief and that the said
18. R L Henry at the request of the testator and in his presence
19. and in the presence of each other witnessed the due
20. execution thereof
21. Sworn to before me this 22. day
22. of May A D 1909
23. John T Gaston       R L Henry
24. Judge Probate
25. R C

Source: South Carolina, Probate Reports... Bound Volumes, 1671-1977>Richland Vol P p. 175-176

Obituary: 17 September 1909 in Richland County SC, The State Newspaper, Columbia SC page 10

Death of Aged Citizen
Rev Thos H Wilson, Lifelong Resident of Lower Part of this County

In the death of Rev Thomas H Wilson, which recently occurred at his home about 10 miles north of Eastover, near Cook's Mountain, Richland County has lost one of her oldest citizens. In many respects Mr Wilson was a remarkable man. He served in the Florida and Indian War and in the War Between the States and at the time of his death was in his 69th year, being born on October 8, 1820. Many years ago he bought a large tract of land on or near Colonel's Creek, this county, where he settled and reared a large family, to whom he gave farms from the original section. They, with their children and grandchildren, still live in that part of the county, being engaged mostly in agricultural pursuits. Rev Mr Wilson was a man who lived mostly at home where he preached principally to his own children and grandchildren, the church itself was erected by the Wilson family.
Mr Wilson was a good neighbor, an honest and upright citizen, and is greatly missed by the community in which he lived.

Rev TH Wilson

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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #3 - Jacob Myrick Harward

Jacob Myrick Harward is my 3rd great grandfather. Here is the line:

Jacob Myrick Harward, 1783-1866
Margaret Harward, 1809-1898 my 2nd great grandmother
James Pleasant Hill, 1841-1912 my great grandfather
Mallie Devotion Hill, 1881-1956 my grandfather
Lonnie Clinton Hill, 1919-1974 my father
Martha Hill Spivey

Jacob Myrick Harward, 12 Oct 1783 England*-30 Aug 1866 Oakboro, Stanly, NC, was the eldest son of James Harward and Rosanah Barbee. He came to Stanly County by the way of Virginia and Wake County. He married Mildred “Milea” Yates, 12 Mar 1784 Wake Co, NC-9 Jan 1863 Stanly Co, NC, daughter of William Yates and Mary Tapp, on 28 Nov 1803 in Wake County NC. 

The story has been passed down that Myrick Harward bought approximately 1,000 acres of land on Rocky River in the south central section of what is now Stanly County. He lived in the Rocky River Valley and is buried at the old Harward Cemetery near the forks of Rocky River and Long Creek about three miles east of Oakboro.

Myrick and Milea had 12 children whose names, birth dates, marriages and death dates are recorded in the old family Bible. I have seen a transcription of the Bible on a message board on, but have not obtained permission to use it here.
*Some sources state Myrick was born in England and some state Wake County NC

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Mildred Yates

Mildred Yates
Spouse Name:
Myrick Harwood
Number Pages:

Source: Source Citation: Source number: 579.000; Source type: Electronic Database; Number of Pages: 1; Submitter Code: YAT.
Source Information:Yates Publishing. U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.

1820 Census: Anson County NC – Enumerated 7 August 1820


Myrick Hored – Head of Family

Males under 10 - 2
Males 10-15 - 1
Males 16-18 - 1
Males 16-25 - 1
Females under 10 - 1
Females 10-15 - 3
Females 16-25 - 1

1830 Census: Montgomery County NC, West Side Pee Dee River


Males under 5 - 1
Males 5-9 - 1
Males 10-14 - 2
Males 15-19 - 1
Males 20-29 - 1
Males 40-49 - 1
Females 5-9 - 1
Females 10-14 – 1
Females 15-19 - 1
Females 20-29 - 1
Females 40-49 – 1

Myrick Howard
Stanly County, North Carolina
Enlistment Date:
28 Feb 1863
Enlistment Place:
Stanly County, North Carolina
Side Served:
State Served:
North Carolina
Service Record:
Enlisted in Company H, 42nd Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 10 May 1862.
Enlisted as a Private on 28 February 1863.

Source: Source Citation: Side served: Confederacy; State served: North Carolina; Enlistment date: 28 Feb 1863.
Source Information:Historical Data Systems, comp.. American Civil War Soldiers [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.

Source: Find A Grave


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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun–Where Were They 150 Years Ago?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings posted:
Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:
1)  Determine where your ancestral families were on 1 January 1863 - 150 years ago.
*2)  List them, their family members, their birth years, and their residence location (as close as possible).  Do you have a photograph of their residence, and does the residence still exist?  How many do you have in each generation living in January 1863?
3)  Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post.”
 *(Randy later corrected the date, so this is my list of ancestors 149 years ago)

I thought it might be interesting to see which of my ancestors were actually alive and where they were living. So here goes….

My 4th great grandparents, Joseph Dial (1819-1912) and Martha Dial (1829-1906), lived in Richland Holmes MS with their children including my 3rd great grandfather, John Joseph Dial (1853-1924).

I have no information on my 3rd great grandmother who was married to John Joseph Dial other than her name Sarah Ann.
My 3rd great grandparents, Jacob Myrick Harward (1783-1866) and Milea Yates Harward (1784-9 Jan 1863), lived in Albemarle Stanly NC.
My 3rd great grandmother, Annice Broadaway Parker (1803-1881), lived in Burnsville Anson NC with her son, John Benton Parker. William Wiley Parker, my3rd great grandfather died in 1860.
My 3rd great grandparents, Walter Pharr Burns (1795-1864) and Sarah White Lily Burns (1803-1895), lived in Burnsville Anson NC with their children and a boarder.
My 3rd great grandparents, William M Curlee (1803-1880) and Susan H Hinson Curlee (1804-1880), lived in Olive Branch Union NC with three of their children.
My 3rd great grandparents, John “Big John” Brazell (1794-1874) and Martha Parnold Brazell (1795-1876), lived in Columbia Richland SC with one of their sons.

My 2nd great grandparents, Julius Hill (1802-1876) and Margaret Harward Hill (1809-1898) lived in Burnsville Anson County NC with children including my great grandfather, James Pleasant Hill (1841-1912).
My 2nd great grandparents, William Nicholas Parker (1820-1899) and Dianna Penelope Burns Parker (1828-1899), lived in Wadesboro Anson NC with their children including my great grandmother, Sarah Emeline Parker (1848-1930).
My 2nd great grandmother, Narcissa Howard Curlee (1835-1910), lived in Olive Branch Union NC with her children including my great grandfather, Noah Columbus Curlee (1856-1933). My 2nd great grandfather, Claiborne Clement Curlee, died in 1862.
My 2nd great grandparents, Joseph Knox Little (1826-1870) and Jennette Deas Little (1822-1903), lived in Olive Branch Union NC with their children, including my great grandmother, Fetna Jane Little (1858-1949).
My 2nd great grandmother, Nancy Dial (1831-1910), was living in 1863, but location is unknown. The residence of my 2nd great grandfather, James Brazell (1827-????), is unknown at this time. 
My 2nd great grandmother, Jane Dunning (1837-1917), lived in Columbia Richland SC in 1860 with Susan Dunning who may be her mother and three other females.

My great grandparents, Thomas H Wilson (1820-1909) and Elizabeth Gulledge Wilson (1831-1921), lived in The District Richland SC with their children. My grandfather, Elisha Atkinson Wilson, was born in 1878. I do not know either of my great grandparents parents.
My great grandparents, William “Willie” Brazell (1855-1905) and Eliza Ellafaire Brazell Brazell (1862-1940), whereabouts in 1863 is a mystery. Both were born in Richland County SC, but, other than that, nothing is known until 1870.

To recap: I have these ancestors living 1 January 1863:

8 great grandparents (4 living in South Carolina, 4 living in North Carolina)
10 2nd Great Grandparents (3 living in South Carolina, 7 living in North Carolina)
11 3rd Great Grandparents (2 living in South Carolina, 9 living in North Carolina)
2 4th Great Grandparents living in Mississippi

I had 31 ancestors living on 1 January 1863, 149 years ago.

Thank you Randy for this fun exercise.

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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #2 Edmund Dees

Edmund Dees is my great great great grandfather. This line is this:

Edmund Dees – my great great great grandfather born 1765 married Elizabeth Braswell (2nd wife)
Jenette Dees – my great great grandmother born 1822 married Joseph Little
Fetna Jane Little – my great grandmother born 1858 married Noah Columbus Curlee
Saphronia Mae Curlee – my grandmother born 1880 married Mallie Devotion Hill
Lonnie Clinton Hill – my father born 1919
Martha Hill Spivey – me

Edmund Dees was born in 1765 in Johnston County NC the eldest son of Daniel Dees and Elizabeth Woods.



1820 Census: North Carolina, Cash, Anson
Enumerated 7 Aug 1820
Males under 10: 2
Males 16-25: 1
Males 45 and over: 1
Females under 10: 1
Females 10-15: 2
Females 26-44: 1
Slaves – female 14-25: 1


1830 Census: North Carolina, Anson
Males under 5: 1
Males 10-14: 1
Males 60-69: 1
Females 5-9: 1
Females 10-14: 1
Females 15-19: 1
Females 40-49: 1


1840 Census: North Carolina, Anson
Males 10-14: 1
Males 70-79: 1
Females 15-19: 1
Females 50-59: 1

Edmond Dees, "North Carolina, Marriages, 1759-1979"
15 Nov 1803 – married Betsey Braswell in Johnston County North Carolina

Source: "North Carolina, Marriages, 1759-1979," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 Jan 2014), Edmond Dees and Betsey Braswell, 15 Nov 1803.


Edmond Dees Will 

In the name of God Amen

I Edmond Deese of the State of North Carolina, Union County, Being in a low state of health but in perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.
And first I recommend my spirit unto God who gave it my body to the dust the common mother of all mankind. As touching my worldly goods I dispose of in the following manner.

I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Elizabeth all of my estate both real and personal during her life or widowhood. All of my lands – negroes, stock, household and kitchen furniture then to be equally divided among my lawful heirs with an exception of twenty five acres of land deeded to Green B Rushing for the sum of fifty dollars which is to be deducted out of his part of my property when divided, viz, Elizabeth, Clement Allen, Mary her part is to go to her & her heirs her husband James Horn is not to dispose of her property, Zilpha, Green, Jennet B, John B.

I Edmond Deese do acknowledge this to be my last will and testament in the county and state above written, this the 2nd January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four.

Asigned & delivered in the presence of
G Avett (?)                                 E. Deese (Seal)
Asa Trawick (?)
S Caudel

State of North Carolina, Union County
Court of Pleas and quarter session July Term 1844

The last will and testament of Edmond Deese was executed in open court and was proven in due form of law by Asa Trawick and G Avett, two of the subscribing witnesses hereto and ordered to be recorded.
Hugh Stewart CAee?

Source: North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970, Union, Wills, 1841-1867, Image 31 of 169

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Thomas Hoyle Curlee-WWII Draft Card


US WWII Draft Cards Young Men 19401947-16(2)

U. S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men 1940-1947

Serial Number 3400
1. Name: Thomas Hoyle Curlee
Order Number 266
2. Address: 436E Oakwood Ave. Albemarle Stanly N. C.
3. Telephone: (Blank)
4. Age in Years: 24
5. Place of Birth: Anson
6. Country of Citizenship: U. S. A.
7. Name of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address: Mr. Henry Sebron Curlee
8. Relationship of That Person: Father
9. Address of That Person: 436E Oakwood Ave. Albemarle Stanly N. C.
10. Employer Name: Efird Mfg. Co.
11. Place of Employment or Business: Albemarle Stanly N.C.
I affirm that I have verified above answers and That They Are True.
Registrant’s Signature: T H Curlee (signed by applicant)

Written across card: Enlisted in Army Air Corp


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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #1–Julius Hill

Amy Johnson Crow has issued a challenge to genealogy bloggers – a blog post about an ancestor for 52 weeks. I eagerly accepted the challenge, if for nothing else, but to keep me on my toes about my family genealogy and to delve more deeply into one ancestor each week.
52 Ancestors in 52 WeeksAmy’s blog - No Story Too Small
I had to give this a lot of thought – who should I begin with first? I finally decided to start with the ancestor that I started with when I began my family history.
Julius Hill is my gggrandfather.  The line is this:
his son, James Pleasant Hill (1841-1912)
his son, Mallie Devotion Hill (1881-1956)
his son, Lonnie Clinton Hill (1919-1974)
me, Martha Elizabeth Hill Spivey

Julius Hill was the son of Mary Yates(Yeates) and, I think, John Hill. I have never been able to nail down who his father is, but oral family history gives his name as John and “thinks” he came here from England. Julius was born 10 January 1802 probably in Anson County NC (although some say he was born in South Carolina) and died 18 October 1876.
Julius was twice married. Little is known about his first wife Mary Hudson except that she died in 1836. She probably died in childbirth or shortly after because Julius’s son Hillsman was born 10 February 1836. Julius’s children with Mary are:
William Hill (1820-1863)
Eliza Ann Hill (1827-1904)
Allen H Hill (1833-1909)
Martha Hill (1833-1897)
Hillsman C Hill (1836-1860)

Julius’s second wife, Margaret “Peggy” Harward (1809-1898) was the daughter of Jacob Myrick Harward (1783-1866) and Milea Yates (Yeates) (1784-1863). It is said that Milea Yates was the sister of Julius’s mother Mary. Julius and Margaret were married 18 June 1836 – four months after Hillsman Hill was born.
1830 Federal Census, Anson County NC


Julius Hill here has two males, one less than five years of age and one five to ten years of age. He shows that he has two females age five years or less.  He gives his age in the thirty to forty year range and his wife in the twenty to thirty year range.
1840 Federal Census, Anson County NC
In the 1840 Census there has been an addition of three males, two females with one adult female age forty to fifty.
Henry Hill born 11 Oct 1837 and Hillsman Hill born 10 Feb 1836 would account for the two males age 0-5. The one male who is five to ten years old is Allen Hill who is seventeen in the 1850 census. Henry Hill is eleven years old in the 1850 census and Hillsman Hill is thirteen years old.
The one female age five to ten is Martha, who is sixteen in 1850. Is one of the two females age ten to fifteen in the 1840 census a Jane Hill born 23 Feb 1827 and died 3 Oct 1845? There is a Jane Hill fitting the age requirements who is buried in the Hill Family Cemetery. BUT who is the other female age ten to fifteen and the one under five years old?

1850 Federal Census, Meltonsville, Anson, NC
Enumerated with Julius Hill in the 1850 census are Margaret Hill age 37, Allen Hill age 17, Martha Hill age 16, HIllsman Hill age 13, Henry Hill age 11, Plesant Hill age 9, Mary Hill age 7, Mapey Hill age 5, and Sarah Smith age 55. Julius gives his age as 47. Another question: Who is Sarah Smith? According to some of James Pleasant’s sons, Julius’s mother Mary married an Evan Smith when Julius was young and had a daughter Rachel Ambrose Smith. So again Who is Sarah Smith?
1860 Federal Census, Burnsville Township, Anson, NC
Julius Hill                      age 61
Margaret Hill                 age 47
Henry Hill                     age 23
Plesant Hill                   age 19

1870 Federal Census, Burnsville Township, Anson, NC
Julius Hill            age 78 – discrepancy in age here (Julius was born in 1802)
Margaret Hill       age 65
Nathan Hill         age 21

Another dilemma:
Who is Nathan Hill?

Julius Hill died 18 Oct 1876 at the age of 74. He is buried at Rocky Mount Baptist Church, Polkton, Anson, North Carolina. His grandson, Julius Walter Hill, son of James Pleasant Hill, dictated some family history to his daughter. In the history he stated that Julius was killed by a runaway team of mules while hauling a load of fodder. His neck was broken. He was killed near Rocky River below the home place of Fulton Curlee.
Transcribed:Important Record
Grand Father Julius. Owned land and his old home place was located right this side off Rocky River where the Low Water Bridge Is he was killed by run away Team of Mules on Right side of road this side of River My Dady stayed With grand mother peggie at night untill she fell and broke her hip. Then she stayed with her Boys in their home James Plesant Hill and his family then part time at her other son Henry Hill she died at uncle Henry Hill and she is Burried philadelphia Baptist Church In Stanley county
She told my Dady lot of storys about her & Grand Father Julius Hill Life to gather and my Dady Lived to be her oldest Grandson He was the last oldest He passed away 1961 He was 84 years 2 month old at his Death. By J W Hill  Faye Daughter Historian
The last paragraph appears to have been added by Faye, J W Hill’s daughter since he died in 1961.
Find A Grave has information about Julius Hill and some of his family.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Julius Hill. First of all his father can’t be determined. Julius appeared to be able to buy land and to lend money to others. Where did that money come from? Mary Yates married Evan Smith early in Julius’s life, but I haven’t been able to find him. I am hoping that one day some of the questions will be answered if not by me, then another descendant of Julius Hill.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Myrick Thomas Parker

Myrick Thomas “Tom” Parker
14 Dec 1866-21 Aug 1948
Son of William Nicholas Parker & Dianna Penelope Burns
Born: Burnsville, Anson, North Carolina
Married: Mary Elizabeth Curlee 31 Jan 1889 in Anson County North Carolina
Buried: Rocky Mount Baptist Church, Polkton, Anson, North Carolina

1870 Federal Census, Burnsville, Anson, NC

Transcribed: House #137, Family #128 Parker, William 59 yo white male, farmer, born North Carolina
                                   “       , Dianah 43 yo white female, keeps house, born North Carolina
                                   “       , Elizabeth 20 yo white female, no occupation, born NC
                                   “       , Walter, 18 yo white male, works on farm, born NC
                                   “       , Henry, 15 yo white male,      “    , born NC
                                   “       , Margaret, 13 yo white female, no occupation, born NC
                                   “       , James A, 11 yo white male, works on farm, born NC
                                   “       , Thomas, 3 yo white male, at home, born NC
                                  Walters, Moses, 38 yo white male, works on farm, born NC

1940 Federal Census, Burnsville, Anson, NC
House #50 Owned Value 500, lives on farm, Parker, M Tom, head, 73 yo white male, highest grade completed 5th, born NC, lived in same house 1935, farmer
Parker, Mary E
, wife, 69 yo white female, highest grade completed 4th, born NC, lived in same house 1935

Myrick Thomas Parker – Death Certificate
North Carolina State Board of Health

Myrick Tom Parker dc