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52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #5–Death Comes Unexpectedly

Denley(Denly) Gaston Wilson, son of Hezekiah Isaiah Wilson and Annie Dora Cooper, was born 16 May 1900, the eldest of six children. He was a farmer and was married to Nannie Wilson. They were the parents of four children: James Denley, Pauline, Sarah and another unknown to me.

Denley led an uneventful life until one early April morning. He was traveling with Ernest Addison and Hannibal Moore at 3:30 AM on the Sumter road. It is a mystery why the three men were on the road so early in the morning. Whatever they were doing, Denley was to meet his Maker soon.

The car was traveling at a speed of 70 miles per hour and failed to make a curve. The car ran down an embankment and Denley was thrown from the car. He was rushed to the hospital where his injuries were deemed to be minor and he was sent home. Neither Ernest Addison nor Hannibal Moore were seriously injured and went home.

At about 9:00 AM the next morning Denley died unexpectedly. The doctors at the hospital misdiagnosed the severity of his injuries and it is thought he had sustained a broken neck.

Denley Gaston Wilson died 10 April 1932 at his home on Leesburg Road in Richland County South Carolina. He was buried the next day at Shady Grove Baptist Church.



Thrown From Car
D.Wilson Dies

Death Comes Unexpectedly After Accident

Denly Wilson, 35-year-old farmer, who was injured when thrown from an automobile on the Sumter road 20 miles from Columbia at 3:30 yesterday morning, died at 9 o’clock at his home on the Leesburg road 21 miles from Columbia.

Coroner W. A. McCain investigated the accident and announced that an inquest would be held at Eastover at a time yet to be determined. His investigation showed, he said, that Ernest Addison and Hannibal Moore were thrown from the car, but neither were thought to be badly injured.

The accident occurred when the automobile failed to turn the curve, jumped down a small embankment, and ran nearly 100 yards away from the roadbed.

Wilson was rushed to a Columbia hospital, but his injuries were not thought to be of a serious nature and he was returned home, where he died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Besides Coroner McCain, Deputy Sheriffs Wade H Rawlinson and Arthur Price, F. E. Fraylick, constable for Magistrate Chalk of Eastover, and Tee Hutto, lieutenant of the state highway patrol, investigated the accident.

Mr. Wilson is survived by his widow, four children, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Wilson, and a number of other relatives.

Funeral services will be held at 11 o’clock this morning at Shady Grove Baptist Church with the Rev. Mr. Ellison in charge.

Source: The State newspaper, Columbia SC, 11 April 1932, page 7, column 6.



1. Place of Death
County of Richland   Registration District #3806
                    (No. 18 miles Leesburg Road
2. Full Name Denly Wilson
3. Sex Male
4. Color or Race White
5. Single, married, widowed or divorced married
5a. If married, widowed or divorced
   Husband of(or) wife of
6. Date of birth
7. Age: Years 33 Months   Days
8. Trade or profession or particular kind of work done Farmer
9. Industry or business in which work was done
10. Date deceased last worked at this occupation
11. Total time (years) spent in this occupation
12. Birthplace: (city or town)
    (state or country) S. C.

Father 13. Name I. C. Wilson
       14. Birthplace (city or town)
              (state or country) S.  C.
Mother 15. Maiden Name Annie Sloan
       16. Birthplace (city or town)
              (state or country) S. C.
17. Informant Mrs. Denly Wilson
     (address) Leesburg Road
18. Burial, cremation, or removal
    Place Shady Grove Cemetery Date Apr 11, 1932
19. Undertaker Family acting
    Address 18 miles on Leesburg Rd.
20. Filed     19__   (Registrar’s Signature)
21. Date or death (month, day, year) Apr 10, 1932
22. I hereby certify that I attended deceased from ________,19__, to _______, 19__. I last saw h__ alive on ________, 19__, death is said to have occurred on the date stated above at 9 am.
The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset were as follows:
Neck broken in automobile accident. Fell from car on Columbia-Sumter Highways. Speed 70 miles per hour.
23.If death occurred to external causes (violence), fill in also the following:
Accident, suicide or homicide yes Date of injury 4/10, 1932.
Where did injury occur? Columbia-Sumter Highway
Manner of injury Fell from auto while in motion
Nature of injury Broken neck
24. Was the injury related to the occupation of the deceased? No
(Signed) J M Hook M. D.
(Address) Eastover, S. C.


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