Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handwritten Family History by Julius Walter "Wattie" Hill

Important Record
Grand Father Julius owned land and his old Home place was Located right this side off Rocky River where the Low Water Bridge Is. he was Killed by run away Team of mules on Right side of road This side of River.
My Dady stayed with grand mother peggie at night until she fell and broke her hip. Then she stayed with her Boys in their home, James Plesant Hill and his Family, and then part time at her other son Henry Hill she died at uncle Henry Hill and she is Burried philadelphia Baptist Church in Stanly County.
She told my Dady lots of storys about her & Grand Father Julius Hill Life to gather and my Dady Lived to be her oldest Grand son He was the last oldest He passed away 1961 He was 84 years 2 month old at his Death.
By J W Hill Faye Daughter Historian
This was copied and written as originally written
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