Monday, January 21, 2013

Mallie Devotion Hill

Mallie Devotion Hill was the sixth child of James Pleasant Hill and Sarah Emeline Parker. He was born  21 Jan 1881 and died 13 Jul 1956. He was born in Anson County NC, lived in Marshville Union County NC for 37 years and died in Mercy Hospital in Charlotte Mecklenberg NC.
He was married in 1901 to Saphronia Mae Curlee, daughter of Noah Columbus Curlee and Fetna Jane Little. Fronnie was born in Union County NC 1 May 1880 and died in New Salem Union County NC 30 Aug 1934. Mallie and Fronnie had nine children – 7 boys and 2 girls. Mallie Devotion was a Baptist minister and served the pastorates of North Wadesboro, McDonald’s and Barbee’s Grove in Stanly County. He retired from the ministry several years before his death.
He died of coronary thrombosis related to coronary decompensation. He was ill only 2 days before he died. He is buried at Rocky Mount Baptist Church near Polkton in Anson County NC along with Fronnie.
 There is a discrepancy regarding his date of birth. His death certificate states he was born in 1880 and his tombstone states he was born in 1881.
The children of Mallie Devotion and Sophronia Mae are:
1.       Fred Columbus Hill: 23 May 1902-30 Oct 1965. Uncle Fred married (1) Nora Mae Stegall 21 Mar 1905-10 Dec 1953 and (2) Estelle Rawls Bynum 3 May 1916-20 Dec 2006
2.       Irene Miller Hill: 27 Jan 1904-19 Oct 1982. Aunt Irene married Lonnie Durant Phifer 24 Jun 1901-20 Dec 1959
3.       Martin Alexander Hill: 15 Sep 1905-30 Mar 1985. Uncle Martin married (1) Laura Whitley born 1901 and (2) Monita “Nita” Jones
4.       Bessie Mae Hill: 22 May 1907-28 Jan 1992. Aunt Bessie married Albert Lee Parker 3 Oct 1903-12 Mar 1998.
5.       Heath Morrow Hill: 15 May 1909-1 Feb 1985. Uncle Heath married Mary Willie Phillips 26 May 1918-22 Mar 2011.
6.       Harold Hill: 24 Dec 1911-12 Oct 1916
7.       Julius Edmund Hill: 7 Nov 1914-11 Feb 1946. Uncle Jerry married Edna Elizabeth Roberts 18 Feb 1918-17 Apr 1987
8.       Otis Baxter Hill: 27 Jun 1917-8 Sep 1978. Uncle Otis married Violet Starling.
9.       *Lonnie Clinton Hill: 2 Jul 1919-27 Aug 1974. Lonnie Clinton Hill is my father. He married my mother, Clara Geneva Wilson, 14 Jun 1924-28 Jul 2009.
Grandpa Hill's second wife was Mollie Polk. I am unable to find any information on her other than her birth date of 1883.


  1. I don't remember much about Grandpa Hill, but I do remember visiting him when I was around 8 years old. Miss Molly, his second wife, was making biscuits for breakfast. The unbaked biscuits were floating in oil, probably lard. When the biscuits came out of the oven, they had absorbed all the oil. They were delicious, but artery cloggers to say the least.

    Great post, btw!

  2. I remember that visit too. Not only were the biscuits "floating in oil", the scrambled eggs were too and they didn't absorb the oil. Funny what we remember as children. Thanks for the comment.