Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Julius Hill 
Julius Hill, son of Mary Yeats(Yates) and John Hill (only conjecture), was born 10 January 1802 in North Carolina and died 18 October 1876 in Anson County, North Carolina. He had a farm on the Rocky River at the Low Water Bridge.  

Julius was married first to Mary Hudson who died 10 February 1836. His children with Mary were: 

William Hill 1820-6 January 1863 married 24 Decemeber 1840 Obedience "Beedie"  L Ramsey
Eliza Ann Hill ca1827-11 August 1904 married James M Wilkerson
Martha Hill 15 June 1833-3 June 1897 married (1) Asabury Walters (2) Abner Nash (3) Isaiah McIntyre
Allen H Hill 1833-ca1909 married 10 January 1853 Louisa Thomas
Hillsman C Hill 10 February 1836-25 January 1850

Julius Hill was known as a "fighting man" during his day. One day a man came from South Carolina and told him he had heard that Julius was the champion in his area. Julius told him that he used to be, but now he was too old to fight. The man insisted that they fight and they did. The man from South Carolina was whipped. He told Julius Hill after the fight that he had been beaten by a better man.

Julius Hill was killed by a pair of runaway mules while hauling a load of fodder. His neck was broken. He was killed near Rocky River below the home place of Fulton Curlee.


  1. A tough man! It has carried through the generations!

  2. Apparently he was a small man too - so his victory was even more astounding to the SC man.
    Thanks for your comment

  3. Hi, I know this post is old but I have an ancestor: William Hudson, who died in Sumter Co GA around 1847. He was from NC/SC area but moved to GA as an adult. When he died his widow, Sarah, put an advertisement in the paper advising out of state parties of her wish to claim her dower of his estate. Persons listed were Penelope Philips, Rosana Outlaw, Deason Hudson, William T Hudson, Peter Hudson, John Hudson, Jason Jones, John Walters, John White, and Julius Hill. I'm wondering if any of those names sound familiar to you or you have run across anything in your research that would indicate that we are dealing with the same Julius Hill? Thanks!

  4. I don't recognize any of the names except Julius Hill. I am inclined to believe that that is the same Julius Hill as in my tree since his first wife was Mary Hudson. I hardly know anything about her. I have a tree on - Hill Master Tree - you might find something there. Thank you for your comment. I will follow up on these names and if I find anything I will let you know.